Phantom Books

Phantom Books

"It is true, Christine!...I am not an Angel,
nor a genius, nor a ghost...I am Erik!"
--Gaston Leroux's The Phantom of the Opera

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Phantom Book News
News on books, site updates, and fanzines
(Updated 03/21/06)
The Maybe List
Possible Phantom books to check out
(Updated 07/16/99)
Pro and amateur anthologies
(Updated 06/12/00)
Lit from General Sources
Stories that appear in non-POTO publications
(Updated 06/14/98)
Bios of everyone associated with Phantom
(Updated 09/02/99)
Horror versions, either slasher or vampire stories
(Updated 06/14/98)
British Mystery
Sherlock-meets-Erik stories
(Updated 06/14/98)
General History
The movies, the musicals, the books, and even the Opera
(Updated 11/22/02)
POTO books intended for kids
(Updated 05/10/01)
Phantom mysteries
(Updated 03/23/01)
Graphic novels and comic books
(Updated 06/14/98)
Online Fiction
POTO stories on the Web
(Updated 03/21/06)
Magic, wizardry, and Phantoms
(Updated 02/04/02)
Phantoms steamy or sweet
(Updated 03/03/99)
General Fiction
Novels published by fans and pros
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Similar to POTO
Not Phantom, but pretty close
(Updated 08/17/99)

Adding to the List

I am always on the lookout for more Phantom lit. If you know of anything I'm missing, please drop me a line and let me know.

Note and Warning

In my reviews of each book, where available, you should bear in mind that I prefer romantic incarnations of the Phantom myth, with a sympathetic Phantom, not much gore, and (one hopes) quality writing. Where these qualities are absent, most particularly with the last, I am very much inclined to pan the book.

My review system is based on a scale of 5 Phantom marquee signs, , 1 being lowest and 5 being highest. It is important to notice that I judge a book against its peers-it would be very unfair to most fan fiction, for example, to rate them against the work of a professional writer. My numeric rankings, then:

Dismal. Unspeakable. Read it to either laugh or retch.

A sorry effort with some gleam of light to it. The literary equivalent of Raoul.

Average. Obvious flaws, but equally obvious strong qualities.

Very good. Enjoyable; not perfect, but the good qualities far outweigh the bad.

Terrific. Solid, strong writing (speaking comparably, of course), interesting characterizations--an all-around good read.


Some terms you should know:

  • NYA=Not yet available
  • NA=Not available (in cases where I do not have the book at all)
  • OP=Out of Print
  • IP=In print
  • UB=Used bookstores
  • ER=Extremely rare. (No, not a George Clooney joke.) Don't expect to find it right away.
  • *MC=uses a character obviously based on Michael Crawford, not necessarily a Phantom character.
  • *DG=uses a character obviously based on Davis Gaines, not necessarily a Phantom character.
  • *GN=uses a character obviously based on Grant Norman, not necessarily a Phantom character.

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